About us

We are a production company with an eye on trends and new communication languages. We make each project a unique and unrepeatable experience. We optimize resources to make the most ambitious ideas come true. We know how to interpret the needs of our clients. 

New projects, new worlds.

Always innovate.

Each new project demands a new perspective, each client requires a new language and each spectator constitutes a new challenge. We did not come into the world to repeat formulas, that is why we develop products that bet on aesthetic originality without ever losing sight of the commercial and communicative value.

We are Butaca Once

Our city abounds with talents of excellence in the artistic, technical and creative areas. That is why we form specific work teams for each challenge, teams designed according to the professional skills of each of its members. At the same time, we have an extensive network of collaborators and contacts throughout the region. 

Leonardo Marengo

Production and content

José Luciano García

General Management

Gaston Mattio

Strategic Marketing